Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What would we do?

There is an email traveling the Internet that is very concerning to me. It is the email about the Airtran flight 297. Have you seen it? Is it true? I don't know.

It started me thinking and contemplating. What would I do if it happened to me? I have not been on a plane since 9/11. Why? I've had no reason to fly, yet. I was a flight attendant before I was married so I have never been afraid to fly. Still, I am a bit scared now since that horrible day in our history.

The email talks about a group of muslim men, in full dress, board a flight, begin to make a scene, two passengers put a stop to it, the muslim men are removed from the flight but are back on it within a matter of minutes. The two passengers exit the plane, along with the entire flight crew, and refuse to fly on that plane. The author of the email waits six hours for the next flight. He states that it appeared to be a dry run, like the ones taken before 9/11, testing the reaction to the passengers, airline and security.

I don't know if it is true or not true or even partly true. But, if it were, and you were on a plane with this happening, what would you do? What would I do?

Our Country is a mess when a group with insane ideas controls everyday life, including the simple act of flying on a plane.

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