Friday, December 11, 2009

Facebook Merry Christmas

Are you on Facebook? I am. I do not do myspace because it is too wild for this blogger. I do do Facebook though and really really enjoy it.

Since it is almost Christmas, I wanted to do something for my Facebook friends. I set the goal to wish all of them a Merry Christmas. I have 216 friends, I thought to self, this is a breeze. Ha, I jest. It took more time that I realized.

I absolutely enjoyed every minute I was online, on Facebook, wishing my friends on Facebook a Merry Christmas. It was an amazingly sweet time for me. I strolled down memory lane.

Many of my young friends, I have known since they were babies. Some I remember their births. Some I have known for 34 years, my BIL for 43 years. It was wonderful to stop, remember them all.

Facebook is a great diversion, too. It catches people up with people that have not had contact for decades. It is free. It can be addictive.

All of the wishes are done for this year. So, if you are following this blog, as well as on Facebook, I wish you another Merry Christmas! You get two.

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