Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today I feel like breathing into a paper bag. Hyperventilation was in the house.

We, meaning Hubbie and I, have perfect credit. We have never not paid a bill. This morning, I received a call from a collection agency. What a terrible experience.

The problem is an unpaid bill to the local hospital, supposedly. I have personally been to the hospital four times to take care of the problem. The Hubbie has been there one time for the same problem. We have called twice. Each time, we were told, the balance is not your responsibility, we will take care of it, I will work on it today, the insurance company has paid, etc. We left each time assuming that the problem has been resolved.

Well, apparently, the problem had not been resolved. Today I was called on the phone, threatened, talked over, interrupted and basically harassed. The balance of the bill, which was not ours, was given to this collection agency.

What rude, hateful people threatened me today. I was told it would be put on my credit report, must be paid today, is what I owed, etc. The more I tried to explain, the meaner the agent became. I asked for her supervisor. The supervisor was a bit more calm but it was the same message. If you don't take care of it today, it will go on your report.

After all of their information was written down, their names, numbers, etc. I hung up and headed to the local hospital. I didn't start at the receptionist desk, I started at the Business Office Manager's desk. She is a very nice person, looked up my account, yep, I was right, paid in full, etc. She walked me to the business office and sat me in a chair next to the lady that was suppose to have taken care of this problem months ago.

Well, low and behold, she had only done it yesterday. EEEEEKKKK. I insisted that she call the company, get it straightened out as I was sitting there. She did. She gave me the name of the person she talked to about it. I grilled her, making sure that this was over. Yes, it is no longer a problem, you will not be called again.

I stopped by the Manager's office and thanked her. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I was going to pass out. Then, came home and called the lady who is the Client Service Representative. I explained to her that we have never not paid our bills, I was abused and harassed by her employees and I will sue both of them, as well as their company, if I am ever called again.

What rude, mean people! They would not listen to me, neither the first caller or her supervisor. I tried to explain what we had done, what we had been told, only to be less respected in tone and voice. One of them even admitted we had no other reports on our history. Well, duh, you dummy. Sure there are dead beats that do not pay their bills. We are NOT one. Our history proved it to be so.

I called the Hubbie so I could vent to him before he got home so I would not vent when he did get home. He listened patiently as my heart rate returned to normal.

I was furious. I was also right. The bill is settled, just as I tried to tell the collection idiots.

Now, two hours later, I have calmed down enough to post about it. Why bother? Because people should never be as rude as these people were to me today. There is a nice way to do business and a not nice way to do business. Today, I experienced the not nice way.

Okay, my rant is over, I will end this post. I dread posts that go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Sigh. :)
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