Friday, August 14, 2009

What I Needed To Do Today and What I Did Are Two Different Things

I woke up this morning, showered, brushed the teeth, threw on clothes for the day, sunglasses, no face, shoes on feet, headed out the door to my favorite big biscuit drive thru. I ordered one plain biscuit and a large Diet Coke, easy ice. When the order was picked up at the window, I drove to the parking lot just down the street and parked facing the highway so I could people watch.

One of the things I have changed about my eating is instead of ordering two plain biscuits, I now only order one. I still love my Diet Coke but most of the time order a medium instead of a large. Today, I caved and got the big one.

On the way back to the house, I determined I would not finish unloading the over packed master closet. No, I would sacrifice my Friday and drive to my local town to do a few fun things.

The email was checked, Facebook, a load of laundry started, the bed made, face on, etc. Now, to the local town.

I went the back way, drove thru my favorite chicken sandwich store, it was lunch time by this time, ordered the grilled and another Diet Coke, no waffle fries, ate it in the car, too. As I was finishing up my lunch, I spotted a really large dollar store. I went exploring.

In our local dollar store, there are very few food items. Dinah Shore mentioned buying food from the dollar store. The mission was set and I was focused.

I purchased: one large package of note cards 200 count, two very nice Colgate tooth brushes in a double pack, one carton of Epsom salts (more on this in a future blog) and a box of Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic instant potatoes. Real bargains, in my opinion, because they were only $1 each, American dollars.

I also drove to a new party store and made a small purchase.

On to phase two....I stopped at the Post Office, purchased stamps because Hubbie asked me to do so, dropped off the bills, asked for directions to a certain address. I was looking for the like kind Senator's office.

I was told to go one way, reality is, it was in the opposite direction just a block from the Post Office. Interesting, the man working in the Post Office did not know the address of the building he worked in, had to look it up on a shipping label, weird. Oh well, I found it, while at the same time, drove past some beautiful old homes in the Historic district.

On the first try, it was the wrong building, but I found it across the street. The building the office is actually in is beautiful. I made my visit, left the building, headed back home to beat the Friday afternoon traffic.

It was a fun day. I spent little money, accomplished a couple of things but still have the overstuffed closet to conquer tomorrow.

By the way, another post is coming that will deal with the visit to the like kind Senate office. It was interesting. Stay tuned.

Are you waiting, holding your breath? ;)


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