Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Food from Schwan's

Today was interesting. I waited for a delivery of free food and we ate it for supper.

Last week, Schwan's Foods had a free food advertisement on the web. You could pick any of their items under $10 and have it delivered for free, directly to your front door. It is on their website to the first several thousand customers. I picked from their healthy menu.

The Pasta Primavera Dinner was only $8.99 and served two people. The dinner could be microwaved or cooked in a regular oven. I chose to cook in the oven because sometimes food just taste better from a regular oven than it does nuked in a microwave.

I also boiled some frozen corn on the cob. The youngest son had driven through town on his way back to his college town so I baked a pan of brownies for his trip back. I cut out one of the corners for the Hubbie because he likes the corners. The brownie was his desert. I ate mine, a smaller one, about 4:00 because I was starving.

The meal was very satisfying, not overly spiced with easy clean up. Just trash the little black containers the food comes, cooks in, and put the plates, silverwear in the dishwasher.

The normal delivery charge for Schwan's Foods is only $1. The meal was $4.50 per person.

Will I be ordering from the company again? You bet. Yum.


Dinah Soar said...

They have great tasting food. I used to order from them..but once they start coming, it's every week and I found it hard to say no and ended up buying things I didn't need...let me warn you..their Nutty Buddies are like crack..don't even get started on them..they're like Lays potato one can eat just one..with me it's always 2...or more...haha..they're not very big.

Bunny said...

hahahahah....copy that!