Saturday, August 15, 2009

Politics Smalatics

Yesterday I made a trip to the nearby town to visit the other office of the like kind Senator. No, I did not vote for him. I voted against him. The other Senator was in power too long. Time for a change. Boy, am I sick of that word!

The office building is very beautiful, not what I expected a 'government servant' office to be.

I went up to the third floor.

The office was directly in front of me as I exited the elevator.

I entered and waited briefly for the reception person, who was dressed in shorts, gray headed and very thin. She was all smiles. I was all smiles, too. I was there to obtain information and obtain it nicely.

No, there will be no meetings scheduled for August. One was just held concerning another subject and all visits are scheduled through the Washington office. Okay, fine, I cannot change that but I can say why I am there.

I told the lady that I NEVER want a government run health care.

Suddenly, her smile vanished, the eyes grew smaller, and her jaw tightened. I continued smiling. Her reply was there is a private option. No, I do not want him to vote on a government plan, never. Oh, was all she could say.

Then progressing in my nicety, I asked how to get on his mailing list. We discussed the website, how to sign up for the newsletter, etc. I thanked her and departed, snapping a few photos as I exited the building.

Strange, how a few words can change another persons facial expressions in a snap.

I do believe he is up for re-election in 2010, a one term-er...hummmmmm I would love to say, "You're fired."

And, why do we put different letters in front of words so they will sound different but mean nothing?

Isn't that what poiticans do? Words with no meaning.

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