Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Laws

In Laws, I'm wondering where this term originated. I understand the basis of it. When one marries, the groom's and bride's family, become related by the law of marriage.

It is very sad that the inlaws are looked at as negatives in our great country, America. In other countries, they all live together. Now that's a scarey thought.

I had a good relationship with my inlaws. They have both passed now. But still, they accepted me with all of my warts and wrongs. They were good people.

We have two inlaws in our family now. One is a our daughter-in-law and the other is our son-in-law. Someday we hope to have another daughter-in-law but not now.

I so appreciate and love both of ours'. They are fine people and I am so thankful they are in our family.

Some things in life are all about attitude!


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