Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going Down?

Do you remember the old elevators that were actually operated by a live person? It was years and years ago now. There may still be a few in the world but mostly were replaced with the auto system where you push the button yourself.

The doors would open and the operator would say, going up? Meaning are you going higher than the floor you are on at the moment. Or, going down? Meaning are you going to a lower floor than you are at the moment. If the elevator was not going in your direction, you would wait until the next opportunity and get on then.

Today, I went to my happy group and weighed. I lost another two pounds. It brings my total to minus ten pounds.

I am not worrying about how many more pounds I have or how long it will take me. I'm just going to conquer each pound one at a time and each week one at a time.

Today I am encouraged. I am going down!

Yip yip yahoo!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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