Monday, August 17, 2009

Ten Things About Me

Wow, is this self centered? Oh well, here goes.

1 - The Hubbie was in ministry for 30 years, counting Bible College. It is a very insecure career.
2 - My Dad was in the Navy for 20 years. It is a very secure career.
3 - We have three fantastic, God given, grown children. Each was given a Bible name because we knew they were all from Him.
4 - I am a 34 year cancer survivor with two of the three babies born after cancer.
5 - I was born and raised in the South except for living in CA, which is another different country and does not count. I love living in the South.
6 - Some of my best friends are Yankees. Hey, why sweat the small stuff. They won.
7 - I am 61.
8 - I am overweight but taking weight loss one week at a time. It took me several years to get this big (not counting the huge surgery that put on 60 lbs!), it will not come off overnight. I realized there are ZERO big fat old people because they all die early. I don't want to go that way simply because I did nothing.
9 - My favorite recipe is eat out.
10 - I never thought I would have a home computer and having Internet PLUS a blog?!! Shazam!!



Dinah Soar said...

This was a fun read...I enjoy checking in on your blog...I need to post to mine more often..probably will now that hubby is back on the job.

Bunny said...

Well, thanks!