Friday, August 7, 2009


My blog is simple. I blog about stuff in my life. It will not be a book title or movie material. I just like doing it. It's something I never thought I would do. Things change.

Today is Friday but you know that already. I am waiting for the youngest son to call. He is on his way to Mississippi for the weekend.

The list for the day includes...

Returning Hubbie's movie to Blockbuster

Picking up Hubbie's RX from CVS and one from Kroger (only $10 for 3 months supply)

Headed to WM with a short list of things to pick up for Hubbie

Hubbie works extremely hard and very long hours. He is a good Hubbie so I appreciate everything he does to care for me. So, I do all I can to help and take care of him.

Marriage it is a two way street. Sometimes we go in opposite directions but it's best to stay in the same lane headed in the same direction. So, we do, the best we can.

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