Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennedy is Dead

Kennedy is dead. This time it's Teddy. Although I am nearing retirement, I am not old enough to remember all of the Kennedy family that has died. But, I can say, the ones that are not living are dead, physically.

Please know that my own father died of a brain tumor. I am not belittling the sorrow that the family is feeling now. It is a difficult time to loose your father, husband, brother, uncle, grandfather. Sorrow is sorrow and every human being will face it.

First, it was John, killed when I was a teenager, then Robert, then Jackie, then John Jr. What a sad thing that so many died in that family, so many ahead of their time.

I do not believe anyone dies ahead of their time. I think that the time of death is written down, appointed, just as the time of birth is determined.

After death, we face the God of the Universe.

Looking back over Ted's life, including the death/murder of Mary Jo, I wonder how he measured up with that God.

Where is Ted now?


Chocolate Maniac said...

Finally facing the truth, is probably what he's doing. It's just sad that it's too late for him to use his power to do anything good with all that truth.

Bunny said...

Yes. What a sad life he lead. Rich in money but poor in everything else, including character, honesty, and peace.