Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As you know, we are on a quest to reduce our expenses by 50%. The quest continues.

We were customers of Charter Communications for over 12 years, had a great one year bundle rate but when the year was up, so was the cost, UP, I mean. After conversing with Charter, we went with DishNetwork for TV, keeping phone and Internet with Charter. The bill kept going up. We called twice, same response, we cannot offer it any lower. We have been customers over 12 years, never late, never missed a payment, etc. Nope was the answer. Funny thing, when I called to cancel, the man was very apologetic, said he wished we had let them make an offer. We did, I said, oh, sorry to hear it did not go well, wish you had spoken to me, etc. I took their equipment back the next day, unplugged it myself, did not even dust it, teehee.

When the quest began, we received a letter from AT&T for cheaper rates on home phone and Internet service. Beware of this letter. It did offer very low monthly costs so we signed up, canceling Charter.

The first two months were low but month three was high. It costs $116 for phone and Internet. I called them. We went through a long but I didn't order this, this is not what you offered me, we are going to try to retire, we cannot afford this, I'm going to go to another company, song and dance. The agent was very nice and put me in contact with her super. The super was very nice. After all, they did not want me to leave the company, both of them said so.

Apparently I had been signed up for all kinds of services that I did not sign up for originally, call waiting, three way calling, long distance, etc. Plus the fastest high speed Internet that was offered. I cancelled it all!

Because I am about to go on Social Security, there is a plan they offer to 'us folks'. The local phone service runs just over $17 per month but if you are on SS, you can get a lifetime reduction, making your phone bill $3.50 per month. I also cut my Internet service to the slowest, most basic offered. It should be around $18 per month. I also dropped all the extras, including long distance because we will use our cell phones for that service or have the kids call us on the land line from their cell phones. Either way, we do not pay AT&T.

AT&T also charges for the modem/router equipment, which they did not tell me. Don't ask, don't tell? hummmm. Anyway, I am looking for equipment to purchase, will be returning their little white box asap.

So, I am waiting to see what the next bill will be. If it is as they have promised, it will be a huge reduction in our monthly expenses. If not, I will be posting and calling the company again. Be sure and get confirmation numbers although they do know what you were offered and what you actually signed up for with them.

Are you on SS? Getting ready to go on SS? Do you know of someone on SS? Ask and see if you or they can get a reduction in your phone bill. It just might be worth the call.

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