Monday, March 8, 2010


Today is Monday and I was going to blog about a completely different subject but the day has gone a completely different direction so why stay on the beaten path?

Church use to be a main focus in my life. The Hubbie was in ministry for 30 years, as you know. Now, since my on the job injury, I barely make it one hour per week. I come home, hit the aspirin bottle and the heating pad. I'm such a wimp. Yesterday, the body required a pain patch and the heating pad and the aspirin. Bummer.

My little voice said to me several times, better do this and that or the other today. Did I listen? Why should I? Tomorrow is Monday, I can do it tomorrow. After all, you have 12 triple the coupon coupons, you will do good.

Well, the store is out, the coupons expire tomorrow and I am enjoying a different plan for the day, as well as tomorrow.

My point of this blog is, do you listen to your little voice? Everyone has one, women more than men. When I follow mine, it usually works out. When I don't, there is usually a different plan that would have gone much smoother if I had listened to the voice.

Oh well, it's okay. This is a good deal, too. So what if my triple the coupons expire? Some things in life are way better than triple coupons.

But still I am wondering, I talk to myself enough, why don't I listen?


Dinah Soar said...

I have learned to listen to my inner speaking...when I don't I always regret it. I believe it is part of the method God uses to direct us. God reveals himself via the Bible--through the written word he speaks, but he also dwells within me--my body = his temple: and I believe he speaks to me in that still small voice just like he spoke to Moses of old.

Tami Minor said...

Dear Carol, I knew you had mentioned a work injury, but I had no idea you struggled so much physically that even church was a challenge. It makes me think of the things I really want to do, but put off til later... what if something interferes with my "later"? Thanks for reminding me! I tried to catch your eye in church Sunday, but you sit so far from me. Still, it was wonderful to see you there, my sister in the Lord.

Carol said...

Thanks Dinah and Tami.