Monday, March 15, 2010

Me Me Me Me Cookie Dough

Yep, it's Monday again, already, time to say something about Me. I wonder if that series of me me me me really is a way to warm up the vocal chords before singing or if it's just a way to pump up the singer, giving them courage and pushing out the nerves. Oh well, I've never been a singer, cannot carry a tune in a bucket although I would love to be able to sing with The Hubbie, but I was just wondering.

Today, hummm, I need to dig out the house clutter, start some Spring cleaning, run errands, make calls to doctors, too. Remember the post about the clean oven? Friday I made half a batch of Toll House cookie dough, baked half of the half, put the other half of the half in the frig for the Saturday evening snack.

Well, People, guess what happened Saturday? I baked the cookies, as I was pulling the pan out, I goofed, hit the corner of the pan on the edge of the stove, bang, it fell out of hand, onto the open, hot, oven door, on the racks, on the floor, splattering on the floor face down. There was hot gooey chocolate chips on the floor, the oven, the cabinet doors, what a mess!

I was so frustrated, nothing lasts, what a mess, calling myself some unkind names, no cursing, just referring to my intelligence level. The Hubbie told me to calm down. I was very frustrated. What's the point, I thought, just live in a mess. What's the point, don't even try to do stuff like that with the right arm, silly, you're left handed now. Get the picture? Ugly scene.

Well, I did not try to clean it up, just left the door open, let it all dry, harden, then used the broom to sweep out the oven, the door, the floor. What was stuck, I used a cold wet rag to remove. The mess was gone and so were the cookies.

So, what is the moral to the story? Here's a list:

1 - don't take Me so serious
2 - clean what you can, when you can, move on to the next thing
3 - nothing cleaned stays clean forever
4 - be thankful you had flour, butter, chocolate chips, etc., to clean up
5 - any mess made by the cookie crash was so much less than the whole dirty oven mess
6 - there are only two of you living in this empty nest, any job done will last longer than others with a house full of people living in it (I miss my house full of children)

Here is the plan for the Spring cleaning assault:

1 - clean one room at a time
2 - clean everything in that one room that has not been done yet
3 - do not pass go, do not collect $200 (I wish), do not move to the next room until the present room is completely done
4 - do not go back to the present room to do something else, it's done, over, finished, conquer the goal of the next room
5 - realize so much in the house has already been done, curtains are clean, windows are clean, new roof, inside is painted except for closets and two bathrooms
6 - get it all done soon, very soon, so 'Me' can have some reading time in the swing on the patio and do some sewing for Me and the GRAND baby
7 - the closets are going to be the hard part, kitchen cabinets, too
8 - you've got a good life, Me, don't pout

Guess that's it.

Oh! My camera is back, the humming sound is gone but now, it will not shoot a video, the read out says the memory is full and there is nothing on the camera, sending it back, yet again.

Look for my Tuesday Tip. I have several that you may be able to use to save some dough, not cookie dough, real cash dough.


Dinah Soar said...

I do that all the time..hit things cockeyed and aggravating. Worse when it's your newly spanking clean oven...enough to make a person use swearing words--even if they are the 4 letter kind.

BUT..did you get to eat any of the cookies???..that is the BIG question.

Carol said...

Yeah, we did, that's the gross part. I'm about to fall off the couch laughing!