Monday, March 22, 2010


Blogging is great fun. It is a great diversion from reality, too.

I was denied disability this past week. Some say I should try again. I think I'm just going to apply for my Social Security, which should start in July. If you are involved in a disability claim, your Social Security account is tied up, not even available online. I think this is a sign.

Social Security is neither. It has nothing to do with being social and it certainly does not make a person feel secure. Afterall, I have been forced to pay into the system since I started working at age 15. Now, that I am within weeks of drawing what I've paid in, I am being told I have bankruppted the system. How is that possible when I have not drawn out a penny of my own money? There is a rant that could follow this but I will restrain myself.

Today, I am spending the day with The oldest Son, my one and only DIL, and the GRAND baby. They are on Spring Break so spending a couple of days at our house. We are doing nothing. It's great to do nothing some days. We are all too busy.

So, we will have a laid back, easy breezey day, doing nothing.

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