Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today is suppose to be a serious day, a serious blog.

I have been North of our little town, helping take care of The Son and the GRAND baby but today I woke up sick. I quickly called my dr, secured an appointment, showered, loaded the car and rushed back to make it to the doctor on time. I have pink eye, a sinus infection and cold sores.

On the trip back, following a black Mercedes, (I thought it was a BMW, but realized it was a Mercedes), traveling at a higher rate of speed than allowed, thinking if someone gets stopped maybe it will be him, I started thinking about my health.

Health is one of those priceless things we are given in life. Without good health, nothing else comes close to comparing it, to wanting it.

We can have many things in the world, money (that would be nice), fame, houses, lands, but if we are sick, dying, we would give all of it to live, usually.

I have a young friend, father, husband, who is in the battle of his life, fighting cancer. He needs good health to survive this battle.

If you are well, be thankful, think about it, contemplate life and enjoy having 'it', health.

It's great to be alive, living, breathing, stuff like that, having good health.

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