Tuesday, March 16, 2010

50% TIP

As you can tell by the late time of this post, I have been busy. Actually only completed about half of my to do list but the list was very long.

Here is my money saving tip for this Tuesday, the picture shows my favorite body deodorant.

As you know, we have cut our life style by 50%, rid ourselves of 50% of the junk we own, cut back our expenses by 50%, etc. The hint is about this expensive deodorant. It's a good one and worth the extra price because it works.

Take the cap off, use the dial at the bottom of the container to roll the product up, ready for application. You will notice that there are four slits, each with a bit of deodorant. I take my finger, remove two lines of the deodorant, use only two per armpit rather than the four available.

Years ago, there was no roll on deodorant. It was all put on with your fingers. It's not gross.

Be sure and place the deodorant only on the area under your arm that has hair. Do not put deodorant on the skin area around the hair area. You do not sweat in that area but you do in the hair area.

Also, as a possible medical warning, do not apply deodorant after you have shaved. If you shave at night, apply it the next morning. I have heard for years that if you apply after shaving, the chemicals seep into the open pores, possible being a cause of breast cancer over time. I don't know if it is true but why take the chance? My mother died of breast cancer, a horrible death.

This will double your use of this wonderful product by 50%, cutting your cost by 50%.

See, I told you it was going to be a good money saver.

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