Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Do you like donuts? Yum, melt in your mouth, sweet irresistible donuts? I do as you probably guessed.

The tip for this Tuesday is stop buying donuts, yep, it's what I said. Instead, buy donut holes. The holes are actually the center of the donut cut out, deep fried and drenched with sugar. The holes are actually sweeter than the donut to me.

Why buy the holes?

1 - cheaper by the dozen, usually about the price of two regular donuts
2 - bit size, or maybe two bites, just depends
3 - they are the best part of the donut, like the center of a steak or some other delicious food

Donuts are a real treat, delicious, sweet. We only buy them a few times a year. When we do, it's like a party for your mouth!! Enjoy and save money at the same time, skip the donut, eat the donut hole.

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