Saturday, March 27, 2010


It is Spring.

It is not Spring.

Either way, Easter is on the way. It's next Sunday, just so you know.

This is an easy paper bunny craft, something that one of my children was given years ago at church, I think, maybe school, don't remember. It's old.

It is made out of construction paper, do they still make that stuff?

The first picture is what it looks like flat, on the scanner.

The second picture is the pattern, drawn by hand, as you can tell.

The third picture is how it should look with fake grass or candy or both placed in the pocket. There are shadows because it is a scanned copy of the original.

On my computer, you can click the image and it enlarges, can be printed. It depends on your software.

It's a fun little craft you can do for a child, many children, or the child can do it with an adult helping with the cutting out part.

Who else would enjoy this cute, easy paper craft for Spring? The cafeteria lunch ladies, the school janitor, people in the rest home or hospital, neighborhood children, home school group, the ladies in your Sunday School class? Go ahead, it's easy, cheap and handmade.

Happy Spring, when it gets here for good, wherever you might be!
OH! I'm leaving this post up until Monday and will not be posting tomorrow, if I can stand not posting. This is a fun habit, this blogging stuff.

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