Monday, June 29, 2009

Vertically Flattened and Friends

Vertically flattened is the definition of depressed. I heard this definition years ago at a Ladies' meeting at the church we attended at the time. It was funny then.

As some of you know, I have ongoing problems from a really bad fall and a meeting with a cement floor with my body, while working. It's been a nightmare and no fun at all.

Now, it appears, my Workman's Compensation benefits have been stopped. I reached MMI, maximum medical improvement in March of this year. Now, I am dealing with the adjuster. Although I cannot work, raise my right arm higher than shoulder level, have pain in 3 different places in my back, rib pain, arm, shoulder pain, jaw and teeth pain, pulling down my left leg and numbness in my right hand, I still am functioning. I am right handed, or rather, was right handed.

If you happen to cross this blog and have similar experience, leave a comment. I am interested.

I do, however, have two friends that are willing to listen, via email, at my ongoing whines. I appreciate their kind ears and thoughts. It's good to have friends that listen! You both have been and are a big help to me!

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