Friday, June 12, 2009

Disgusting Mr Letterman

This is the complaint I sent to CBS. I hope that more decent people will complain. The older Mr Letterman gets, the more disgusting he is.

scroll down to feedback at the bottom of the page; form will open, type in your comment or complaint.

To whom it may concern....I am disgusted with Mr Letterman's crude comments about Sarah Palin AND her daughters. Mr Letterman, himself a grown man, also had a child out of wedlock then only married the mother of that child when his son was old enough to care about it. Mr Letterman should be fired for his latest comments about Sarah Palin's daughter being raped at a ball game. It does not matter to me if it was the 14 year old or the 18 year old. The comment about being raped is typical of his insane liberal mind set and mouth. Then not to be a man, step up, take responsibility with that stupid half hearted statement that he did not know it was the 14 year old at the game. This man has no character and should be fired immediately. He and his humor make me sick. What has happened to CBS? I grew up watching it. I think this is the last straw for me!

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Dinah Soar said...

I thought it was disgusting too.