Saturday, June 27, 2009

Freedom for the People of Iran

Normally, I do not post more than once a day. But today, is a different day.

The brave people of Iran are screaming out for freedom and the world does nothing. They are longing to be free, free like we Americans. But, their government is killing, arresting, torturing them back into submission. How very sad. They have been on my mind for days. I am helpless to do anything for them. All I can do is hope and pray that some day they will be free.

I hope and pray that we keep our freedoms and wonder how many elections away are we from having the same circumstances imposed on us.

President Obama has been tried, just as VP Joe Biden predicted. Has he failed or has he succeeded. What do you think?

Our press is trumpeting the death of Michael Jackson, others, while the people of Iran's voices are smashed into silence.

Freedom for the people of Iran and other oppressed peoples of the world....NOW. This is only their beginning fight. May they be victorious.

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