Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today and Tomorrow The Plan


My youngest moved back to college to work there for the summer.
I went to my new weight loss group and lost 5.5 lbs the first week.
I learned to Line Dance for the first time ever in my whole entire life.
Ate at my favorite ChickFilA restaurant, including the waffle fries and a diet.
Made a mad dash to the hospital when the nurse called me on my cell phone, surprise.
My paperwork said be there at 1:00 to register; theirs said 10:00, where's the zero?
Came home, checked emails, turned on the fan, off the light and took a very nice nap.

I'm having a minor outpatient surgery tomorrow. It's not suppose to be a big deal but when something is being removed from your body and tested, it's always a big deal.

So, it's up at 5, shower with the antibacterial lotion from the hospital, arrive at the hospital by 6, and the surgery is scheduled for 8. All in the AM, of course. I will be sleeping most of the day tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.

My light bulbs will be turned out early in an effort to get to sleep early to get up early. My light bulbs are NOT Obama approved, are your light bulbs Obama approved?

Hope you have a good evening. I may not post tomorrow. Now you know why. Bye.


Dinah Soar said...

No, mine are not Obama approved...you line danced!!..neat..sounds like lots of fun...and the 5.5 loss...woohoo!! Praying your surgery goes perfect and that all is well.

Carol said...