Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well, obviously I lost a day, working, forgetting to add some jewel to my blog, snickering, missing Wednesday completely.

So, what shall I converse about today, this Thursday.  Thankfully, I have several money making tips in file so maybe that day's post will be pretty simple.

The backyard backs up to woods.  We really enjoy watching the wildlife that live in the woods.  We have critters that visit the yard, rabbits, racoon, armadillo from what our neighbor has told us and of course lots and lots of birds. 

Birds seem to have so much energy!  Have you ever noticed that about them?  They fly, they sing, they eat, all in the flash of an eyeball.  Plus, they stand up on those tiny little legs, smaller than toothpicks, supporting their entire weight.  Amazing if you think about it!!  No engineer would agree with such a structure plan!  It would never work, there is not enough strength in the base, the weight will crumble the structure, etc.  True, in a manmade structure........

Have a great day!  It is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, then the weekend.  Soon April will be over and then May.  My, my, soon I must complain again about how fast the time is flying.  ;)

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dfish said...

Think of all the entertainment God has provided for your enjoyment. Too bad so many are so busy spending money on such shallow substitutes.