Monday, April 2, 2012


Yes, I know that years ago the intro for that old TV show was really....

Dah Plane, Dah Plane.

Too young to remember it, well, never mind then. Grin.

This is an update on my shoe deal from last week, now the world, can be at ease. I started this new job and my knees were killing me! I had to literally hold onto The Hubbies' wrist in order to walk, next option was my cane, after this one day of working. He was taking to me Shoe City to buy a pair of good shoes, price no object, we're looking at quality, Carol, not cheapness. WOW! Okee Dokee. This man wants me working but working in as little pain as possible. I can handle that, yep.

I sat down and he bought me a pair of Skechers to try on, pink and gray with pink or gray laces. I put them on, stood up, took a few steps and it was like a miracle, could not believe it. The pain in both knees stopped, honest Injun, vanished. There was a sale buy one, get one half off but because I did not know if they would work for work, we decided on one pair (74.99). It was $5 off, too.

I was feeling so great that I was at the clearance section looking for Easter heels, which I found for $10,(orig 29.99) with $5 off!! At the same time, several pairs of flip flop like Skechers were on sale (orig 54.99) for $20 with $5 off, too. It was acutally $5 off all pink stickered items.

As we were heading to checkout, The Hubbie was talking to the Store Manager about the brand in his size, etc, which the store did not have available for some reason, can't remember.

Me, being the cheapskate...cough, cough, bargain hunter I am, asked the manager if I decided to come back and get a second pair, could I still get the 50% off deal. He said well, when will you come back, next week, six months? hahahah Any how, he agreed to sell me a second pair for the 50% off. The Hubbie has agreed and I am headed back tomorrow to get a second pair of Skechers.

Love, love, love these shoes!!!

At checkout, me, beging the cheapskate....cough, cough, bargain hunter I am, (yeah repeating myself, guess it would have been just as easy to copy and paste...snickering) asked if there was a Sr Dicount? BINGO!!! HOORAY!!! Yes, 10% off total purchase price....WOO HOO A !!! Another $9 in American money off the price of my three !!! pairs of shoes. Now check out the pic from last week. Nice, huh?!

Plus there was a little bargain box at the checkout where I spotted a two pair pack of Peds (see photo) for $2.00, on further clearance was only $1 (orig 5.99).

I love a bargain!! I also love spending money to save money!! The second pair I will get in a bigger size for wearing socks in the winter and will save them until the first pair is shot. Why not? Nothing, is going down in price and I really do not expect these shoes to get any cheaper, either.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Monday!

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dfish said...

There are times to save money, but a good pair of shoes can prevent so many problems it is well worth a little extra.

Years ago, convincing my wife to buy a better pair of shoes, even theough they were not as stylish saved far more in back treatments each month than the shoes cost.