Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Two years ago, our little town was hailed upon, yeah, hail from the sky.  Our neighborhood received damage to their roofs and most now have new ones, including us.

Another thing that was damaged was the window screens, all ended up with holes of various sizes.  I could not find a place that sold screens.  Lowes, nope, Home Depot, nope, Ace, nope.  Why?  Too many different sizes I was told, you can make them yourself, I was told, me giggling, that's not going to happen, phooey.  Ace would do it but the cost would be labor AND materials, really, don't think so!  I found a screen place in the nearby bigger town, took a screen with me, got an estimate of $16 per screen, hummm....I'll have to talk to The Hubbie about it, waited.

So, The Hubbie and I made a trip to WM to look at doing them ourselves, translation him doing them, didn't buy the stuff that day, decided to put it on the to do list. 

Now that the weather has suddenly warmed, we need screens to be able to open the windows, not run the AC.

So, The Hubbie took the biz card, the screens and headed to the near by bigger town.  Guess what?!  He got a better deal!!!

Replace each screen, using the same frame for only $6 !!!! each !!!  One had a bent frame so that cost was $17.20 for an entire new screen with frame.

Total for all new screens, 8 total, was ONLY $66 American!!!!  What a deal!  Told The Hubbie, couldn't make it for that, which is my life motto, as you may or may not know.   Plus there was enough money in the budget envelope to have them all done!

TRUE!  Buying the screen material, the cording and the tool would have been more than having them done!!!

So, the tip for today is, let the man of the house handle the man stuff.  He could possibly come up with a better price dealing man to man!!!!!

Good Job, Hubbie!

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dfish said...

God gives each one special gifts, and recognizing that would save most couples a lot of grief and money.