Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I like shopping at thrift stores but I am very slow, meaning almost never ever, do I buy shoes from a thrift store, even with tags still on them. Ewwww as they say. I just cannot stand the thought of walking in someone else's dirty, sweaty, nasty shoes. However, there is a new thrift store in the area that is run by a relator and seems to be higher priced items. The money from the store goes to support several non profits.

I have purchased things to sell on Ebay as well as a vintage Fisher Price City that I have kept for the GRAND son (gave it the once over with Clorox!). The last time he was here, he spent hours playing with it. I can always Ebay it when he out grows it. Yes, it was with the original box.

I found these shoes, thinking I would Ebay them.
BUT because they are an 8 NARROW, my size, I tried them own and instantly made the decision to keep them for ME. My foot is narrow and I do have a problem buying sandals because my feet slip through.

When I came home, googled the brand, yes, bingo, the 'cheapest' shoe was $79+! The shoe most like this one was was $95+!!!

Guess what I paid......trumpets, please.....$00.95 !!!! Yep, only 95 cents!

So, a good clean up with Lysol, some time in the sunshine, I'm set. Dinah, a fellow blogger, reminded me about bedbugs so I checked these, cleaned them, now will enjoy them, reminding myself I am wearing a pair of shoes that originally cost close to $100.00!!! BIG smile.

Money saving tip for this Tuesday....shop at nice thrift stores but be careful of bed bugs cause they will bite you if you don't watch out.... BIG smile #2.

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