Friday, April 20, 2012


The day has arrived!  It is the annual fundraising campaign for finding a cure for cancer.  In our little town, there is a walk that goes from 6 pm to 6 am about this time every year.  (hope it doesn't rain!)  It is inspiring!

I am a 37 year cancer survivor.  I will be at the back of the line as a long time survivor, walking the survivor lap, then walking with The Hubbie on the caregivers lap, then family for another lap or two. 

If you are a cancer patient or survivor, find your local event and get involved.  You never know who YOU will inspire!

Here we are at the Survivor's Banquet last Monday.  Wow, we are old but thankful to be here and there!  ;)

This is Paul.  He is also a cancer survivor and is having treatments.  He sponsored the table we sat at and purchased these:
The Hubbie won them in a drawing and they are on the coffeetable as I type.  So pretty!  Thanks Paul.  Others attended, too, but don't know if they blog or have internet so I will not post their pics. 

It was a nice evening and good food!  Celebrate living is wonderful!

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