Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today I worked in the near by bigger city for a few hours.  I was working, almost finished, crossed paths with a sweet little lady with a huge grocery cart, waiting for her son.  We exchanged kind words.  She then asked me, do they make you work on Saturday?  I looked at her and said, it's Thursday, mam.  She said, oh, yes, it is!  I told her, don't worry, I get my days mixed up, too, even have to look at my phone to tell what day it is.  She then laughed and said, well, it only gets worse.  We both giggled like school girls and I moved on.  She walked in the direction of the checkout lane, having met up with her grubby looking grown son who was scowling.  She was a sweet little old lady, thin, gray hair, no glasses, wearing a pink blouse and dark slacks.  She seemed like she needed some attention and I was glad to share a laugh with her.

Now, the work week is over and I even managed to clean the house today, wash the sheets on the bed, too.

Working makes me appreciate being retired even more!  

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