Friday, April 27, 2012


Here are some things happening at our house in Dixie, not necessarily in order of importance:

The Casa is sinking.  Yes, the foundation of our house has continued to sink.  It is an ongoing saga that will end up costing the owners/us thousands of dollars, between 10 and 40 to be exact, yes, thousands after that 10 and 40.  Boohoo.  Where is a good donate button when you need one, right?!  Eeeek.

The Hubbie starts work on Monday, full time to start then eventually switch to part time, gotta catch up.

I am working part time, list me among the un-re-tired.

Living with out AC until May, not so bad, so far, saving $$$$$.

Funny on Friday...saw this on pinterest  dot com several weeks ago, made me smile.  It has been around the Internet several times.

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