Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Another way to save money these days is to always reuse items that can be reused.  Years ago, in college, we lived on very little, spent $10 per week for groceries.  Now, of course, that is impossible.  We were too poor to buy paper towels, paper napkins, luxuries like those.  When I fried potatoes, I used a brown paper bag to soak up the extra grease.  I reused aluminum foil, really, I did.

One thing I reuse these days, is plastic bags.  When I bake The Hubbies muffins, I put them in Ziploc bags.  When the bag is empty, I rinse it out and reuse after it has dried.

Never reuse a bag that has had things like chemicals or raw meats, dangerous for sure.

Still, if you can use something twice or three times, you can figure you paid half for whatever that item is or even one third.  

Don't throw stuff away without thinking about the possibility of using it a second time.  Don't keep stuff that is useless.

It's all about money, honey.

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