Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We are empty nesters nearing retirement, we are downsizing, cutting every thing by 50% or more, groceries, movie rentals, weight loss group, etc. This post is a save money post, save heart and arteries, cut the fat, etc.

This is how I have been cooking ground beef for 30+ years.

Put the meat in a pot and cover with water, boil till meat is brown.

Carefully pour the meat and water into a colander, some call it a strainer, but you can see the picture below. Normally, I let the water go down the drain but saved it for this picture.

Rinse the cooked meat under the faucet with HOT water, not cold because it will make the meat yuck. Rinse the pot with the hot water, too. Put the cooked meat back in the same pan.

Cook the meat a bit longer if you think it might not be completely done.

Add the sauce, plus a can of tomato sauce, this will stretch the sauce and you will only have to buy one bottle of the sauce, which is more expensive. I also put a bit of water in the sauce bottle, swish it around, loosens the sauce on the bottom of the jar and adds a bit of water to the sauce combo.

Start cooking the spaghetti, simmer the sauce, when the pasta is done, strain it, put it back in it's pot, pour the sauce on the pasta while it's still in the pan, stir till pasta is covered with sauce.

This is what you keep out of your body by cooking ground beef my way:

and this:

You can cook ground beef this way for any recipe that requires crumbled ground beef.

I left the bowl on the stove overnight, this is how it looked the next day:

I do not have a disposal so I poured the fat in a plastic bag to dispose of it.

Are we gagging yet?


Dinah Soar said...

That's a lot of fat isn't it..I agree..yuk.

Carol said...

Yep, it is.

Tami Minor said...

Your way is the way I was taught from the beginning...thankfully, because meat fat is so disgusting! For quickie spaghetti, I still add a chopped onion and chopped bell pepper to the meat as it cooks.