Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm back online, successful in switching Internet providers, phone, too.

The modem/router arrived via the big brown truck man. Little did I remember that it was a self install (me) project or a $99 (them) project. Being the cheap empty nester that I am, the attack was on.

The instructions were easy. The pictures were simple. The problem was there was no CD with the delivery. When the tech arrived to confirm the telephone was operational, he had a CD in his truck, which he kindly gave me.

The entire project was to take about an hour. Three hours later, done! I took the time to rewire all of the hardware connected to my eMachine desktop, clean the floor, set up the new hardware. Plus there was the job of un-wiring the cable equipment, from the wall and everything. It was a pile of wires and rented stuff that was returned today when the service was officially canceled after being a customer for 12 years. They should have given us a better deal the first two times we called instead of waiting until we were connected with another company, their loss.

Now, the Internet is faster, cheaper, done. The phone is working, too.

I get a self imposed gold star.

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