Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Stuff Fun

I have become an avid coupon clipper. I clipped a coupon for Ruby Tuesday and we used it yesterday to eat out on The Hubbie's day off.

At the bottom of that coupon was a link,, sign up on So Connected tab at the top of the page. I signed us up. Then, a few hours later, we received another email with a buy one get one free dinner coupon!!!! How great is that, free food?!

An email came from Home Depot, too, another website that I signed up for, to receive their emails. Another buy one get one free offer, a free houseplant! Just below that was a buy one get one free trash bag offer, print the coupon, buy the stuff.

Sure, I know you have to buy something, it's not really free free but you leave with double the stuff for one price. A deal is a deal!

So, I've decided to sign up for more websites. I can always un-sign.

Enjoy Friday and the free stuff that comes with this post!

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