Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today is suppose to be a sweet Sunday post but I've decided to save that for next week. Sunday is almost over.

The Hubbie was feeling exhausted today so he did not go to church, which is very, very rare. He goes on days when he can barely stand, he goes. This winter has been hard physically on both of us. We have been in all day except for a quick run to Sonic by me for two Chicken Dinners.

So, this post is to say there is not going to be a post. Silly, isn't it? ;)


Tami Minor said...

Hi Carol,
We missed ya'll today. Church was wonderful, and we had the "How Great Is Our God" dvd and chili supper tonight. Hope ya'll got plenty of rest...sometimes we just gotta take a day for that :) Just a lil' more bad weather, then spring is coming!

Carol said...

Thanks. The Hubbie is exhausted. He needs to retire.