Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was a yippee day! I was so excited I had trouble sleeping last night, awake past 2:35 AM.

Several things were accomplished plus I got to see the GRAND baby. He is sick, strep throat, poor precious, sugar pie honey bun!! Mommy and Daddy are very tired. A sick little one, even if he's a very good baby, is hard on the adults. They lose sleep, energy is drained, eyelids are heavy.

On the way home, made a stop at the Hobby Lobby in an effort to find fabric to recover the high chair, nothing. Then went by The Hubbies biz to have him sign a check, stopped at the bank, deposited it.

Now, I am at the house, blogging, listening to the radio. Supper is done because I doubled the stir fry recipe from Saturday supper. The Hubbie wanted a hamburger yesterday so the stir fry is still available for consumption.

Tonight will be a clam evening, as far as I know. I love being at home with The Hubbie. We still enjoy each other's company after all these years, 42+.

Thankful for a yippee Monday, today, 1/25/2010, and a calm evening at the end of the yippee.

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