Sunday, January 10, 2010


The Hubbie takes my car to work on Saturday. His little car does not have cruise control, mine does. By the time Saturday gets here, he is so tired, legs hurting, swollen, that just the comfort of cruise control helps him make the trip home.

I have his car on Saturday. I don't like his car. It is a simple, no frills roll up the windows by hand, automatic transmission, manual lock doors, air conditioning included, Toyota. It does have a radio, which was on when I got into the car yesterday. The station was one I was not familiar with. I am mostly a talk radio only kind of gal.

The song was, at first, a Christian song, but then the next song was a country music song so I'm not sure what kind of station it was or is. The title of the song was GOD IS GONNA GETCHA. I about dropped my teeth, another Southern term, meaning I was shocked.

The song was very country style, sung by a mixed group, meaning men and women voices. The whole idea of the song is God is going to punish you for all the bad things you do. I listened to it but did not like it.

For years, I lived under the gonna getcha ideology. I was miserable. I was sitting down on the outside but standing up on the inside, meaning I was going along but not agreeing.

Stop and think about it. Either God is a kind, loving, Heavenly Father, or He isn't.
For years, I thought He was up in Heaven, baseball bat in one hand, lightning bolts in the other, just waiting for me to step out of line so He could zap me. I realize now that it is not God but the system we were in for many years.

Do we do bad things, hurt our children, to make them love us? No. Then why should we view God in that light? The answer is, no, we should not.

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