Monday, January 11, 2010


This is my little brother's birthday. He has not been with us for many years now. You see, he was killed on his Harley motorcycle.

He was stopped, waiting for traffic to pass so he could turn left. It was on a residential street with very little traffic. Two of his friends were riding in a truck behind him, waiting with him to turn left. They saw the whole thing.

Suddenly, another motorcycle zoomed on the left side of the stopped truck, trying to pass it, which it did.

But, as my brother was turning, it hit him just behind the seat. My brother was thrown into the air, landed on the gravel, on the corner of the street. The other motorcycle driver was thrown 60', hit the pavement with his head and was killed instantly, leaving a huge blood spot on the street.

My brother was killed instantly, too. His internal organs were crushed by the other bike, traveling 80 miles per hour. The driver was on drugs.

You see, my brother was doing nothing wrong, quite the opposite. He was observing the traffic laws, etc. He was still killed, still dead.

It's been a sad day for me. I've made it through another year. I will see him again someday.

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