Thursday, January 21, 2010


A tornado touched down in the town where The Hubbie works. He and his crew stood at the front of the store and watched it pass by them. It was far away enough that it did not damage anything near them, close enough to see and take pictures.

The local news has been on for three hours covering it all. There have been three people injured but no one killed, so far that we know at this time.

Weather is scary. Most of my life, I have lived in areas where hurricanes are dominant. I absolutely hate tornado weather.


Because they come up so fast, with very little warning. At least with hurricanes, there are several days warning. True, they may last a bit longer but there is time to prepare.

So, that's the post for today. We are safe and sound at home. Relief.
UPDATE This is the link to youtube that shows the local tv coverage.
Hubbie's store is on University Drive.


Dinah Soar said...

SCARY!!! Glad hubbie is o.k.! I hate tornado weather too..grew up in the midwest and west, in almost tornado alley..experienced my first tornado in 2nd grade...terrified for years...only after living somewhere that they were not a huge concern helped me get past that fear..that and learning to trust God more.

Carol said...

Yeah, I fear them, too. I posted a link to the local tv coverage. It's on youtube.