Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is just some blabbering with no real focus or subject.

I went to a place I have never been. I went to an orthodontist, remember how old I am, 61, I be. My teeth are separating rapidly. Yes, they can be saved, kept from falling out of my head.

The problem is, I may be loosing bone so the next step is an appointment with a periodontist, correct spelling is unknown. If that problem is not corrected with a bridge, then the corrections made with the braces will not last.

The braces will take 21 months, which means I will be almost 64, right? If I live to my life expectancy, which is 83ish, it would be worth the sacrifice. If I only live another year or two, I would still want to live it with straight teeth.

Also, stopped by Office Max and did a quick survey of some printing products.

For supper, we had a Kroger Deli chicken, southern potato salad, only $1 on sale this week. I came home, opened a can of Ranch Beans, pulled out some rolls and it was a meal.

Tomorrow is going to be even colder in Dixie so the plan is to stay home, bake, make soup, a casserole, pot of beans, stuff like that. If the soup turns out yum, I will run some over to two shut-in friends.

So, it's going to be a slow rest of the week, unless something comes up, which may.

I am considering a new plan for this blog. It will be a time to think about the plan some more.


Dinah Soar said...

Might you be low on vitamin absorb calcium (for your bones) you must have adequate vitamin D doctor says it has become a pandemic, so many people are deficient..I'm still on vit. D therapy.

Carol said...

Yes, I probably am and should take a supplement for it and calcium. How did you find out you needed the therapy?