Saturday, January 16, 2010


Is life screaming by as fast for you as it is for me? I wake up and it's Saturday already. I slept late, which was nice. Is it funny that I have to stop and think what day it is? Or is it just weird?

Yesterday, I spent some time thinking about starting another blog for empty nesters. I thought I had a snappy title for it but that title is already being used but not for the same thing I was thinking. I tried several other titles, all taken.

So, I may just keep using this one and shift gears for the entire blog. I started this blog as a diversion to keep me from being so depressed after an on the job injury. It worked because it gave me something to look forward to doing. It's been a simple, personal blog. It's something I never thought I would enjoy doing, wrong, I do enjoy it. It is a great diversion.

I spend so much time on the computer, the laptop, I wonder how I ever worked?!

Oh yeah, it is Saturday, after all.

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