Saturday, January 2, 2010


Resolution time. It's suppose to happen this time every year.

Resolution as defined by Webster is the act or process of reducing to simpler form. There are several other definitions but this is the first one listed.

The definition puts life in perspective, don't you think? So, I resolve to not make any resolutions, only to reduce life to a simpler form.

Last year, I decided to reduce the junk I own by 50%. I did and it was a amazingly freeing. We also made an effort to reduce our expenses.

Here are a few things we did:

Started purchasing food from the Angel Food Ministries
Rent movies from Red Box
Drive less
Add water to milk when using mixes
Unplugged all electrical devices not in use

It was more difficult than I thought because I have been a penny pincher for years but we did accomplish changes. We have zero credit card debt, only buy used cars, live on cash basis, etc. The debt we do have is our house, which the payments are less than rent so we continue to chip away at the mortgage.

This year, I hope, plan to do these things:

live a good life
get healthy
watch language,stop saying crap, jackass to self, other drivers
read more
become a better aim when shooting
move more
smile more
continue to reduce expenses
grow home biz to get the Hubbie retired, him with the GRAND baby

Life can be and should be simpler, accomplish the goal for 2010.

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