Friday, September 30, 2011


Thursday was week 4 of the Dave Ramsey class at our local church. All I can say is wowzers. It was inspiring.

The discussion centered on getting rid of debt and the plan was so simple, every one should be able to do it. Most that take the class are debt free within 12-18 months with those that have student loans being debt free in about 3 years.

I have been typing notes on my laptop and forwarding them to the sons of the family. I hope they are reading them. I'll just keep sending them in hopes they are able to help them to help others.

It's been a short week because the GRAND son was here for a few days. The world stops when he is here and we enjoy every minute we can with him.

The GRAND daughter started walking this week, how is that possible? Easy, she is almost one so it is time. Here she is from a picture last July.

No, you do not have permission to copy it, sorry.

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