Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm up too late, thinking. Yes, when I say something about thinking The Hubbie says, oh no, not again. He thinks he's funny. Sometimes he is.

Time is going by and I'm watching several situations around us. It has to do with older people, yes, older than us. A couple of the situations are older couples in their eighties. Other situations are widowed ladies, alone.

Their lives have been spent taking care of others, children, friends, other family members now they are the ones that need care. Yes, they are still functioning physically but struggling with aging. All of these people live in towns where they have no other family. There is no one to take them to the doctor, monitor their driving, keep up with their physical needs.

All of our lives, we are taught to respect our parents. They gave us life, sacrificed for us, fed us, clothed us, protected us and did the best they could, hoping that we would have a better life than they did. Rarely in the USA can someone say that their lives were worse than their parents growing up. Some, yes, but it's not the norm. Even if you thought you were poor you can look at their lives and see they did without much more than you did/are.

One elderly lady's children send her money to help monthly. Another has a son that flys to see to her regularly. He lives several states away. Other ladies have faithful husbands watching over them.

So the question that is bothering me is: When does that respect change to responsibility?

It's something to think about sooner rather than later.


dfish said...

In my experience, it is much like a child beginning to take responsibility for his own life, happening gradually as he is able to do so. With my own parents, as they become less able to do things you should begin to step in naturally as needed. For those who live far away, this will be far more difficult.

I am concerned that as our healthcare has become more aggressive they create more situations where people are no longer able to are for themselves, placing an undue burden on others. It primarily results from failing to trust God with our health.

Carol said...

Since my parents both passed in their fifties, I cannot imagine them both being in their eighties. I do see how others treat their elderly parents. Sometimes it is a blessing, other times, not.

Anonymous said...

This is something...just another one of our goals we have...for our financial future. We even purchased where we now live with such necessities in mind. I hope you will always feel loved, cared for, and that we are willing to be respectfully responsible for both of you. We Love You!

Your Son,

Carol said...

dfish...yes, it's difficult.

ALT...thanks you, too!