Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Several months ago, I posted a way to save money at Target. It was to shop the endcaps, the shelving on the ends of certain aisles. The product is marked down very low, ready for fast sale.

I found another way to save money at Target. It is to look in each department for other markdowns. There should be a sign showing the marked down prices to be 30, 50, even 75% off the original price. The signs were very large and easy to find at a glance. I found this nice shower curtain that had been ordered online but returned to the store.

Originally it was for sale for $31.99 but since it was an online item and was not carried in the store, the store is forced to reduce it. The buying price, meaning what I paid, $8.06.

No way would I pay $31.99 for a shower curtain but, yes, way, would I pay and did, $8.06. I could cut it in half long ways and make two nice window curtains.
OR use it for a shower curtain, what a bright idea!

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