Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I remember when 'generic' store brands became popular, many years ago. At the start, it was said that these brands were inferior, made from lower grade veggies, etc. Supposedly, the only way these foods and products were cheaper was because it saved in printing the labels and advertising. Who knows?

Individual stores do not have their own ketchup factories or peach orchards, do they? No, they buy from the mass producers, aka, the brand names and resell in plain labeled containers. True, some things like green beans may have ends of beans, etc., but the taste is about the same.

Fast forward 40 + years and the same things are being said but one fact still remains, generic and store brands save the customer money.

A good example is butter. When The Hubbie and I were at the Big WM, I pointed out to him that the store brand can be much cheaper over the national brand even with a coupon for the national brand. Why? Because the butter in the white box was over $2.00 less than the butter in the yellow box.

Oh well, it's okay with me becuase the light goes off when the fridge is closed so it doesn't really matter what color the box is.

My wallet greener? Now, that's a good color!


dfish said...

The savings aren't limited to groceries. Sometimes you even find a store brand sticker placed over the brand name on shoes or clothing.

Carol said...

True. This is common at store like Ross and TJ Maxx even WalMart. Saving money is saving money!