Thursday, September 22, 2011


This week will be the third week for the Dave Ramsey class for The Hubbie and I. It is very interesting and we are learning much in spite of our advanced age, cough, choke.

Dave is promoting the recovering of our great Country. He says it will be done one family at a time. These are the five steps he uses.

Learn to live on a written plan. Make a budget.
Live on less than you make. Act your wage.
Get out of debt. Don't remain a slave to lenders.
Save and invest money. Be prepared!
Give. Tithe, then bless others. We don't own it, we manage it.

It sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?

Oh, we learned that a person that has a tendency to be tight with money is a Nerd or that is what Dave calls them for the purpose of the class. The one that is more on the party mode is a free spirit. I'm the latter. Now it all makes sense, doesn't it? Giggle.

I'm also the one still awake at 3:13 AM. We ate supper at the local Waffle House. We both had a coupon for a free waffle. The Hubbie drank water. I ordered decaf coffee, our bill was $1.51. I'm pretty sure that the little blonde waitress gave me the regular coffee and not the decaf. Never trust a blonde with black roots and a coffee pot. Live and learn.

Good night or should I say Morning? This is crazy!

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Teresa said...

I like this one! LOL