Tuesday, September 13, 2011


As semi-retired folk, we are constantly looking for ways to save money. Now that The Hubbie is unemployed, the pressure is growing.

We are taking the Dave Ramsey Financial class at our church. After the first class, I left feeling a bit embarassed because of our retirement situation. Dave mentioned a few times 'retire with dignity'. Well, it's too late for that for us. After being in ministry for 30 years and zero pension, giving to the church tithe, over and beyond was not the problem, nor has/is giving to others. The problem is that we didn't give to ourselves.

When The Hubbie finally was able to start a small 401K, it was small, slow, then crashed, along with the stock market, three, yes, three different times before it was rolled over into a more secure situation. Yeah, bummer.

How do you make up for all that lost time, lost revenue? How? I sent an email to the DR website asking advice for our situation. The reply was along the line, yes you do need to find a way to make extra income and buy the book, suggesting three of DR's books. I was gracious and thanked the emailer realizing we are going to have to figure this out for ourselves.

We are hoping to find out during the next several weeks of this class. I will be blogging about the class and our progress.

So, the money saving hint for today is pay yourself weekly, even if it's a small amount to start. Life happens, too quickly, for just about every one looking backwards at their own.


Carol............. said...

Hi Carol...you have some interesting thought provoking posts! I like them and will be back for another visit

dfish said...

Abraham had trusted God in leaving for Canaan, and in the birth of Issac. After experiencing the birth of his son and having him for several years, God again tested Abraham's faith by asking him to sacrifice Isaac. Sometimes he brings us back to see if our faith has changed. Don't let it.

Praying for you.

Carol said...

Thanks Carol. Please feel free to follow if you would like to do so.

dfish....We B struggling is all I can say. Thanks for the prayers!!!