Thursday, September 15, 2011


Took a pic of this on vacation this past summer and posted it on Facebook for a friend, Mary. I hope she likes it.

I think motorcycles are great fun but am against owning one, ever. For others, it's up to them. For me and mine, no, ever. That's narrow mindness, isn't it?, you ask. Yep, you betcha, aint-a-gonna-change my mind on it, either. Why?

My baby brother, Jimmy, was killed on one and he was just 23. He was doing everything right and was hit by another motorcycle traveling at over 80 mph in a 30 mph residential zone. Yes, the other rider was killed too, hit the pavement with his head and busted open like a ripe watermelon. My brother was hit just behind the rider seat, thrown into the air and was dead before he hit the ground, insides crushed.

There are many in my life that would be alive today if only they had NOT been on a bike.

Life is too short as it is, riding a bike is like playing Russian roulette with no empty chambers in the gun. It's just a matter of time before you are hurt or killed, just a matter of time.

My opinion, my blog.

The End.


Dinahsoar said...

I agree...they are not safe...they scare me to death...and I hate driving behind one, they are hard to follow.

dfish said...

At least in a car you have some protection. People make mistakes and the extra protection provides a margin for error that a motorcycle doesn't offer.

Carol said...

True, great fun but great danger.

Anonymous said...

One day we are all going to die. What better way is there to go than on a 200 mile an hour rocket ship with smile on yer face. Perhaps you would prefer hanging on with a terminal illness or reaching old age with someone to clear up after you.

Carol said...

Yes, one day we will all die. Because I lost my baby brother at 23 on a Harley, it is hard for me to rationalize riding a rocket. I've not been on one since I was expecting my first child, over 42 years ago.

There are other young people that were gone too soon because of being on a rocket/bike.

They are great fun! I wouldn't mind having a pink one for myself!

To each his own. This is my reason.....gone too soon.