Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yucky Toes

These are pictures of my toes.

The first one is in the water at the beach.

The second one is a picture after making a visit to the podiatrist to have two ingrown toenails repaired. He said he did not realize how bad they were until he 'got in there'. No wonder they were bothering you was his quote.

More pictures to come as they heal, which I am wondering about today. Both toes are a bit more sore. Time will tell. I go back for a follow up visit on Friday.

Now, haven't I made it an interesting day?


Dinah Soar said...

Poor you..years ago I had both big toe nails removed due to ingrown toenails. That fixed the problem, pain gone. What a relief, though the pain following removal was intense and difficult to endure, but a relief in the end.

We've been having wonderful fall weather here too!! Monday was glorious.

Carol said...

hahha....yes poor me...went back today for a recheck and I have some infection....on to the antibiotics....nothing is

Same here for the weather!